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Expressions in Motion has extensive experience treating children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Delays.
Expressions in Motion is known for extraordinary therapy techniques that clearly identify a child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.
Expressions in Motion was created for the parent that is looking for concise, quick, and individual therapy that creates fast results.
For 20 years, Kay has devoted her career as a Speech Language Pathologist to advocating, counseling, training, teaching, and developing communication programs for children with special needs and their families.
Expressions in Motion is also known for their extraordinary therapy techniques using The Miller Method, which is geared for young children recently diagnosed with Autism.
Looking for helpful articles, links and more to help open the door to successful communication?
Expressions in Motion will share the latest therapy techniques, fun family activities, and resources to help you Open the Door to Successful Communication.

Open the Door to Successful Communication


Expressions in Motion LLC provides speech and language therapy to children, adolescents, and young adults in the greater twin cities area. It is a small center which allows us to provide caring and personalized services and provide an effective solution to all client’s speech therapy needs. We also provide center-based and home-based therapy.

“If you could have 3 wishes for your child, what would they be? Think about it, write them down no matter how big or small, even if they don’t pertain to a speech goal – the sky’s the limit!

Carry them with you for a day. When you are ready to take the steps to make those dreams come true for your child, call me and I will help make them happen, one step at a time.” Make it matter; make it happen! - Kay Ely MA, CCC/SLP

Free Screening Anytime

Do you think your child may have a speech or language delay, but don’t know who to ask? Put your mind at rest. Expressions in Motion will give you an immediate professional opinion as to your child’s development. Delays in speech and language are fairly common amongst young children, but you may see signs that could indicate a possible problem.

Children with a speech and language delay may be at increased risk for learning disabilities once they reach school age. Don’t hesitate to call or make an appointment, to discuss your concerns.

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